Ben and Cindercella Host a Cover Design Contest on Instagram

On June 13th, Cindercella posted on Instagram about an album cover design contest for her followers. The design is for the new single, "<3" by both Ben Sihombing and Cindercella, releasing on July 27th.

As for the contest guidelines, they consist of editing the provided image of the couple, showcasing the creativity that her followers have to offer. She emphasizes that it has to be an original work, but can be hand-drawn, graphically designed, etc.

To enter the contest, she states how one must post it onto one's feed on Instagram, being as simple as that. Also, one has to add the hashtag #BenCellaAnjas and tag both Cindercella and Ben in the post. The chosen winner will have their artwork used for the album cover of "<3". The contest deadline was June 24, a month before the release of the single.

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